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Bathroom Painter

One of the more challenging rooms in a home or business to paint in is the bathroom. Not only are there a lot of tricky corners to detail correctly, but the lighting needs to be close to perfect as well. Finally, the right paint needs to be picked out to handle fluctuating humidity levels. Thanks to the steam coming from showers and bathrooms, the wrong paint might cause problems.

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​If there is one room that needs a professional touch, this is it. At Painter Pros, we have been helping put the finishing touches on bathrooms for several years. We offer bathroom painter services for people who just need this particular room done, helping those save money instead of having to pay for expensive full painting packages. We pride ourselves on being different, and going the extra mile from the very beginning. This is how we pull it off.

Prepping for perfection

Before painting a bathroom, we at Painter Pros Macon GA go through all the smaller details beforehand to ensure that the finished product will look sharp. That means cleaning up the drywall and evening everything out. We also check to make sure there is a proper amount of ventilation.

Evening out drywall texture is essentially the same way it is for any room, but the ventilation issue is unique for the bathroom. The bathroom must have proper ventilation at all times so that humidity does not damage the paint.

A simple solution if the ventilation is poor is to add a ceiling or exhaust fan to the bathroom. This can help remove any moisture lingering in the air, and dry out the walls quickly. It might not seem like a big deal to do this after each shower, but it will extend the life of a new paint job.

If the room seems like it needs additional ventilation during the consultation, we will mention that to the customer. Paints used by us have a composition built to withstand some of the wear and tear in a typical bathroom, but it still makes sense to add ventilation to the mix.

Locking in the right colors

Some customers know exactly what bathroom colors they want to use when they contact us. Others are looking for suggestions on making their bathroom look as nice as possible. Thanks to our expertise in this particular painting field, we know what works and what doesn't.

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We often suggest using three different colors that go well together in any bathroom. The middle shade is the main color of the bathroom, but the other two colors are crucial as well. A darker shade like our house painters use will help to create dimension and break up certain aspects of the bathroom. The lighter shade makes the most sense for trim and molding. It is important to remember that a bathroom should look clean, yet private. That's why soft color schemes usually work best. Going too dark in the bathroom gives off a less welcoming vibe, and usually struggles to match up with the rest of the home or building.

Attention to detail

With bathrooms being so small, it's much easier for imperfections to be spotted. We make sure that even the tiniest details are covered so that the bathroom looks flawless. It's tough to pull this off without professional help, as there are so many different tight corners to paint around in an average bathroom. It requires a combination of the right tools, and veteran painters who know how to handle certain situations.

We consider bathroom projects very unique, and it's important to get all the details right. It should be one of the most welcoming areas for visitors. Details matter, and it helps make the entire room look cleaner.

Counting on Painter Pros for Bathroom Help

With affordable prices for individual rooms, it makes no sense to try tackling a bathroom painting job alone. Let us take care of the work. We will outline the exact plan before starting so that people know exactly what to expect.  Call us at 478-242-2868 to get started with an initial consultation.

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