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Welcome to the website of Painter Pros, Macon, GA. As the most trusted name locally in the industry, we offer our painting services for residential and commercial properties. The goal is to provide interior and exterior solutions by using quality paint and materials, an expert staff, and convenient scheduling flexibility to fit new projects in quickly. With years of service in the region, customers throughout Bibb County have counted on us in the past. Referrals from our early customers have helped Painter Pros - Macon, GA grow to what we are today.

About Us

Painter Pros Macon, Georgia initially launched to fill a need in the area. Other painting services have come and gone through the years near Macon, but our attention to detail has been a huge reason why we continue to grow. Our goal is to make sure every single customer we work is 100% satisfied with our services. A quality paint job can bring new life to a home or business without having to spend a ton of money in the process.

painters macon ga

If there is any type of painting needed, our decades of experience ensure that any project is possible. Some painting processes are trickier than others, but our staff has seen it all over the years. We can craft unique painting solutions for every project we take on.

Ready to get started? We're very easy to reach through email or phone, and a free estimate is always available for new and returning customers.

While we do take on unique, fully customized projects, our primary services fall into one of four categories detailed below.​

Exterior Painting

We offer an extensive list of exterior painting services for those in need in the Macon, Georgia area. Whether it be for business or a home, the goal is getting the project done correctly the first time to make the process smoother for the customer.​

painting the exterior of a house

Painting the exterior can make a home or building look entirely different without having to spend a ton of money. For homeowners, they love the fact that they can switch up the look of their home in a quick way to either become more satisfied, or to increase property value before selling.

From a business perspective, new paint can help a building evolve into something different. It also can add new life to a building that might not be appealing enough for customers to visit.

When working directly with our painters Macon GA, every person should expect the highest quality. Not only do we use the best paint and painting materials, but each employee brings years of experience to the table. We are one of the few companies that take the time to discuss plans with each customer before moving forward thoroughly.

Beyond the basic full exterior painting service, we also offer painting services for:


​Window trimming and shades can break up a house's look in just the right way. Pick a contrasting color, and the house can look that much sharper from afar.

Poles and pillars

​If the home has any poles or pillars, specifically in the front near the door, this is an opportunity to paint them a contrasting color to stand out. Instead of just being a support feature, they can show that they belong.


​Much like the poles and pillars above, the railing should never be overlooked. It's way too easy to go with a simple black railing, but it can stand out for the wrong reasons when installed at a home.


Adding some color to the trim of a home makes it look complete. Instead of using too much of the same color on the exterior, a trim can break up the home and highlight certain features.


​A deck becomes part of the home on the exterior, so it makes sense to match up with it paint wise. We offer unique painting solutions for any type of deck, porch, and more.


​Think of a shed as a mini version of the home. It is one thing to get a shed and put it in the yard, but taking at the extra step and painting it to match the home proves it belongs.

Interior Painting

There are a lot of unique areas in the interior of any home or business. Painting can be a chore for people who don't know what they are doing. Our painters at Painter Pros Macon GA know precisely how to handle any room shape or other obstacle trying to get in the way.

painting inside of a house

​We offer full interior painting services for those wanting to paint every single wall. Along with that, we also offer a few more individualized services such as painting:

Living Rooms

​As the main room for residents and guests, Quality painting is a must in this area. The color tends to be a fairly neutral, with pictures and wall art adding character to the mix.

Dining Rooms

​Much like the living room, neutral colors are usually the way most go in the dining room. It should feel very welcoming, as well as appetizing.


​The bedroom is where many take risks with different types of colors. Since bedrooms are usually closed off, individuality is encouraged a bit more. Darker colors are sometimes preferred by some, while others insist on matching with the rest of the home.


​Bathrooms should feel clean and open, especially since they are usually one of the smallest rooms in a home. Our bathroom painters help you pick soft, light colors to paint your bathroom. Add a few different shades in the bathroom for a more unique look.


​Unless it's a walk-in closet, most go with a solid color when painting closets. These are functional rooms in the home, and don't need that much creativity with painting.


​A contrasting trim can really bring a home together if done the right way. Some people hire us to bring a bit more character to the house by merely adding trim in individual rooms.


​A freshly painted door stands out inside and outside. Many people opt for either a white door if their home is a bit darker, or a dark shade if the house is lightly colored. As the main point of entry, a door with fresh paint sets the tone for expectations inside.


Painting around windows is a great and affordable way to make them stand out a bit more. This is especially true for anyone who has unique windows instead of just the standard size.

The interior paint that we use for projects is explicitly crafted for long life indoors. The composition of the paint allows for the color to stay true for years, even if the wall gets direct sunlight at certain times during the day.

House Painting

Painting a home is one of the quickest ways to enhance the overall look. When done the right way, a home can look freshly painted for years to come even in tough weather conditions. When people work with us, we offer house painting solutions for any type of need.

painting the side of a house

Our most common request is to handle a complete house painting project on the exterior. This means more than just applying a new coat of paint. There is also the process of cleaning off and stripping the home of the previous paint. Sanding and evening out the wood and siding is also essential.

From there our house painters offer an extensive list of paint options for people to get just the right look. Not only is it important to plan out for the right colors, but using paint that handles the harsh weather conditions in Macon, Georgia and surrounding areas is important as well.

There are times in which homeowners don't need everything painted at once. Maybe the home only has a few areas that need painting, or it is merely a change with trim. We have customized solutions for any type of project, and we ensure that no person has to overpay for services.

Along with exterior solutions, interior painting services are available as well. Hiring us for an entire project is beneficial for any customer looking to get a job done quickly. We put in the time and energy necessary to complete the project as quickly as possible, while still providing outstanding detailed work.

Bathroom Painter

Painting a bathroom might not seem like hard work at first, but it's perhaps the most challenging room in any home or business. To get everything right and have it look professionally done, we at Painter Pros can take care of the challenging work.

woman painting a bathroom

A brand new bathroom without a toilet, shower, sink and more installed is significantly easier to paint, but people who are looking for a brand new paint job will find it extremely challenging to try on their own. There are just too many things in the way in the bathroom to make it easy for the average person. We have the tools necessary to handle any type of painting project to make a bathroom look its best.

We understand that customers are looking for more than just basic painting done for the bathroom. Most want to make the room as welcoming as possible. When working on the bathroom, we always work directly with the customer to plan out everything from colors to dealing with humidity.

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"With a lot of tricky corners at home, I knew that a professional was needed for painting. I was very impressed overall with just how well the company paid attention to details when taking on the job. There were virtually no mistakes whatsoever upon further inspection."
- Tom O.
"I am extremely happy with how my business looks after getting a brand new paint job on the interior and exterior. The building looks completely different than it did in the past, and it's one I can truly call my own."
- Gene R.
"Outstanding professionalism from Painting Pros. After scheduling a consultation, we set up an appointment the very next week. In just a few days, my home had a brand new look, and I couldn't be happier. They even continue to check up on how things are holding up periodically."
- Carlos D.


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